Additional Pharmacy Services

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We are happy to deliver to your home or place of work in the Wichita Falls city limits.  We provide two delivery service times per weekday-one in the afternoon and one in the evening and once in the afternoon on Saturdays.  A fee may apply.

Adherence Program:

Our medication synchronization program is designed to eliminate the hassle of making multiple trips to the pharmacy and prevent confusion of what medications need to be refilled and what does not.  Our pharmacists work with each patient to get their maintenance medication filled at the same time each month or every 90 days so the process is simplified and adherence is improved.

Compliance Packaging:

We utilize the Dispill Packaging system for compliance packaging.

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Comprehensive Medication Reviews:

During a comprehensive medication review (CMR), a pharmacist interviews the patient and analyzes the patient’s current prescription and over-the counter medication list, medical history, and current diagnoses.  The pharmacist will then compile a list of medication therapy related problems and create a patient-specific plan to resolve these problems by working with the rest of the healthcare team.


We provide immunization screening, education, and administration according to the current ACIP recommendations.  Immunizations include, but are not limited to, influenza, pneumococcal, zoster, and Tdap.

Medication Reconciliation:

This service is especially important during transitions of care, so we are to help when a family member or loved one is discharged from the hospital or a facility.  One of our pharmacist will review the patient’s active, chronic, and OTC medications and compare them to the discharge orders to help prevent medication errors and duplications.

Community Pharmacy Enhanced Services Network (CPESN):

We are proud to be a member of the Texas CPESN! We are focused on improving health outcomes by focusing on patient care and providing products and services that other pharmacies do not.  Learn more about our CPESN and our services by clicking on the following link: CPESN Pharmacy Locator